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Classy Summer Tenerife means holidays, summer, feminine and class.

My inspiration were not dresses or fashion from Instagram or Facebook, but my need to buy a dress that is long and has the same colour throughout, a dress that expresses sexiness and emphasises femininity, a dress which I could wear to the beach or restaurant.

I have also created matching bags and towels as I personally love when everything works together, so if you are planning the holiday on the sunny islands then it needs to be only with Classy Summer.


"Not only robe makes woman feminine but when the inner beauty is completed by outer beauty is that is when the picture of the real woman is created."

Be always beautiful, feminine and with the class!​​​

My dresses are sawn from natural materials like linen and cotton, which makes them airy, breathable and perfect for warm or hot weather.

I live in Canary Islands, therefore, the dresses are named after each one of the beautiful islands that I visited and got inspiration from.

I have created and sawn everything myself, making sure that the quality of my products is the best out there. In the future, I am planning to extend my collection by making more models and mixing two different colours in the same dress.

In total, there are 9 models of linen dresses, out of which 5 have a cotton alternative, 1 of the cotton dresses is also available in three sizes for the girls.

Dresses are made to suit S and M size ladies.



Head of Design

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